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Keeping steady
on shaky ground


We’ve seen the market go through a volatile patch of late, and over time it’s inevitable you’ll see both good and bad news battle it out. But retirement planning is a long game, and at Britannia we know a few secrets to good long-term investment.

  Remember Emma?
She’s loving the Kiwi lifestyle

You might remember Emma Johnson, a UK migrant who we introduced just over a year ago. It turns out a lot can happen in a year, as she’s gone through some significant life changes - and they’re all for the better!

  Giving loved ones
the gift of a will

None of us like thinking about death, but having a plan in place for when it does happen makes life a lot easier for those you love. A will helps ensure loved ones are equipped to handle the toughest of times.

  The fallacy of downsizing

Downsizing is often seen as a way to fund retirement, but does it really provide the security you’re looking for? Selling the family home isn’t always the best way forward when it comes to retirement.


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