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Revolutionise your retirement.


If you plan on retiring comfortably in New Zealand, you’re going to have to address the ‘retirement income gap’. That refers to a gap between how much Kiwis need when they retire, and the amount provided by New Zealand Superannuation. Most people will have to find ways to bridge that gap if they want to maintain their current lifestyle while making their savings last. At Britannia we’ve introduced a fresh approach that can help with this problem. It’s our Lifetime Income Fund and investors receive guaranteed regular payments from their investment, perfect for planning post-work finances.

  Four simple tips for a
rewarding retirement.

We’ve developed four tips to help you get the most out of your retirement.

1. Plan your transition from saving for retirement, to spending in retirement. 
Create a flexible plan that balances savings with retirement spending needs.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in a term deposit. 
Term deposits don’t pay much interest, so it’s best to look for other ways to maximise your savings.

3. Know how much life costs. 
Living costs more than you’d think, so it’s best to start planning how much you’ll need.

4. Try not to outlive your savings. 
Life expectancy is increasing, which means we’re needing more and more once we retire.

  To work or not to work?
Life beyond 65.

According to new research, almost half of New Zealanders plan to help fund their retirement by... not retiring. The survey of more than 2,000 Kiwis was commissioned by BNZ and found that more than 18% were committed to a full-time job past the current pension age of 65, while a further 30% intended to work part-time. Most people chose to keep working for life satisfaction or social reasons, but finance was also a factor. Britannia has plenty of advice for whatever lifestyle you choose after 65.


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