How to ensure your investments are as secure as they can be


We have been in a rising market for over a decade. In fact, after the ‘Global Financial Crisis’, or ‘GFC’ in 2009, one of the major US indices, the Dow Jones rose by nearly 4 times through to January 2020. You will have seen this strong rise in your Britannia Financial investments though this period, especially if you were in one of the funds which holds a large number of growth assets, or equities (stocks and shares).

Is this rise going to continue?

When it comes to investing, the one thing we can all be sure of is this: No-one can predict when the markets will go up or go down – we have seen record daily increases and record daily drops even in the last couple of weeks. No one can predict the best times to buy or sell. While it’s not as hit and miss as that may sound, it’s safe to say that investing is more an art than a science.

So, where does that leave the investor today?

While the Dow Jones has risen considerably since 2009, most commentators were advising not to expect the same stellar returns over the next few years as we’ve had previously, even before recent events. And they still generally remain optimistic and upbeat about the medium and long term. Remaining optimistic about the future is always good advice, for all of us, and there a number of studies which link optimism with better health outcomes and longevity.

There are many factors which influence the market, and some are completely unpredictable until they happen. For example, the Coronavirus. The virus itself is unpredictable, but a good fund manager and prudent financial advice will help you weather the storm. The trick is to make sure you talk to your adviser before you make any decisions about your investment.

Can I trust my fund manager?

“Yes” is generally the answer and so it should be, after all, it’s their job to deeply investigate companies, decide whether they are worth investing in or not, and whether, and when, to buy or sell. You should be able to trust your fund manager.

At Britannia Financial, we invest in funds with a long history of evidence supporting the investment assumption that they should outperform the market over time. Nobody can perfectly predict when to buy and sell investments, so we stick to well-diversified investment portfolios, which largely track the market, and then skew their investments slightly towards those areas which have, based on history and research, out-performed the market over time.

What will happen to my investment in the near future?

No one knows what will happen in the next few years. But here’s the good news - your investment with Britannia Financial is designed to give you confidence that it will perform well now, and in the future. The main thing you need to ensure is that you are in the right fund for your needs. Understanding what your investment time-horizon looks like, and, most importantly, your attitude to the fact that your investment will go both up and down will assist in making sure your investment choices are right for you.

Three ways to ensure your investments are as safe as they can be

If you think you’re in the wrong fund or you have any concerns about your investment, you should do three things!

  1. Stay in touch with your Britannia adviser

    If you have any questions, no matter how small, contact your adviser and talk the matter through. It’s their job to ensure that you are in the right Britannia fund for your needs and tolerance for risk, so if you are unsure give them a call today.

  2. Make sure you have a well-diversified portfolio invested in the right funds to suit your needs.

    Having a well-diversified portfolio means that you will not be over-exposed to any one particular economy, industry, company or asset class. At Britannia we don’t invest our clients’ money in speculative opportunities and what we refer to as ‘flavour of the month’ investments. If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is. Instead, we invest in broadly diversified (by geography, industry and company) portfolios of underlying investment assets.

  3. Don’t panic

    When it comes to investing, the worst thing you can do is panic. Knee-jerk reactions will, more than likely, be a mistake. Britannia Financial is here to help. Our expert financial advisers will assist you with your retirement planning and guide you through the volatile world of investment calmly, professionally and profitably.

Call your Britannia financial adviser today and make an appointment now. Retirement comes quicker than you realise!


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