Integral Master Trust

The Integral Master Trust has five investment options which allow people to invest in the markets and be able to withdraw at any time whatever their saving / investment needs and goals are.

If you are a member of the Integral Master Trust you can check your investment and portfolio details on the investor portal any time. Please scroll down for more information and feel free to call us on 0800 377 333 if you have any questions.

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The Integral Master Trust is a really flexible investment option for you as:

  • You can withdraw your savings at any time.
  • It offers five different funds, so you can design a portfolio that is specific to your own needs, goals and appetite for risk.
  • Each fund pools investors' money to access a wider variety of assets and provide greater diversity than investors may be able to achieve on their own. The funds offer a choice of highly diversified unit trusts investing across a range of asset classes, or specific asset class funds that allow you to select an investment profile you are comfortable with.
  • You can switch your investment between the Integral Master Trust’s funds at no cost. This is something that long-term investors might do as they reach different life stages and have different goals for their savings.
  • We sort out and pay your tax from the funds, so you don’t need to have that administrative burden, and the personal tax rate for the Integral Master Trust is capped at 28% compared to the top rate tax of 33%.

The Integral Master Trust has five investment options which allow you to hold a diversified portfolio comprising a large number of New Zealand and global market securities.

These are managed at an underlying level by leading fund managers IOOF, DFA, Harbour Asset Management and ANZ New Zealand Investments.

The five Integral Master Trust funds

Defensive Fund

To aim to preserve capital through investing in cash and fixed interest investments.

Diversified 40 Fund

To aim to generate consistent returns utilising a diversified portfolio with a slight bias towards defensive assets.

Diversified 60 Fund

To aim to generate long-term capital growth utilising a diversified portfolio with a slight bias towards growth assets.

Global Equities Fund

To aim to achieve long-term capital growth through a structured exposure to listed global shares.

Focused Growth Fund

To aim to achieve long-term capital growth through a consistent exposure to the global shares asset class, with a concentrated exposure to large growth companies.

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Product Disclosure Statements for the Britannia Retirement Scheme and the Integral Master Trust are available from the Schemes' issuer, Britannia Financial Services Limited, phone 0800 500 811. Financial Advice Disclosure Statements are available for Britannia Financial Planning Limited here and for Britannia Financial Services Limited and Britannia Nominees Limited here.

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