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Over more than 25 years, our business has grown to meet our clients’ retirement planning needs.

We started NZBritannia to provide a secure and trusted service for pension transfers. As our reputation grew, our client base also began to ask for more holistic financial advice and investment opportunities.

Today, we offer retirement planning advice and investment opportunities alongside one of New Zealand’s most long-standing and trusted UK pension transfer services.

But of course one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our dedication to helping our clients plan for a stress-free and healthy financial future.

Investment advice

We can help you build a portfolio that’ll meet your individual needs.

Retirement planning

Our expert advice can help you on your journey towards a financially secure retirement.

Insurance advice

Make sure you have the most suitable insurance cover to meet your changing needs.

KiwiSaver advice

Maximise the benefits you’ll receive from your KiwiSaver investment.

Estate planning

Ensure your assets are protected and managed as per your wishes.

NZBritannia Financial Advisers

Retirement Planning

Investment advice

At NZBritannia, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and there’s a lot to consider when looking to secure your financial future. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients and to understand their individual needs.

Chat to us about:

• Your goals - what you want to achieve and in what timeframe.

• Your risk appetite - whether you see changing markets as an opportunity or a concern.

• Building your portfolio – how you can achieve your goals with a portfolio of investments you understand and feel comfortable with.

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Retirement planning

No two people’s retirement plans are ever identical. Everyone has different goals and plans for their retirement, from thinking about the sort of lifestyle you enjoy and where you'd like to live, to planning for the unexpected.

We've helped thousands of New Zealanders to plan within their financial means, so we understand all the things you need to weigh up. With our experience and expertise, you'll have a plan that’s built to last a lifetime.


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Insurance advice

It's not just about having insurance cover, it's about having the right insurance cover. Regular reviews will ensure your insurance remains ‘fit for purpose’. We have relationships with New Zealand's major life insurers, and can offer expert advice in a wide range of areas such as life, trauma, medical and income protection insurance.

You can talk to us about:

• Life insurance – protecting your loved ones should the worst happen.

• Trauma insurance – providing financial support to help you through illness.

• Income protection insurance – helping you pay the bills if you’re unable to work.

• Medical insurance – ensuring you get the treatment you need, when you need it, including access to non-PHARMAC funded drugs.

• Mortgage protection insurance – making sure your home loan is covered if you're unable to work.

• Total disability insurance – providing a lump sum if you find yourself permanently unable to work.

• Business insurance - ensuring your business is protected if something happens to one of your key people.

If you already have life insurance cover in place, we can assess it to make sure it fits your current needs.

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KiwiSaver advice

These days you can save for retirement with a helping hand from the New Zealand Government, but how do you know which KiwiSaver option is best for you?

Just being a KiwiSaver member doesn’t mean the job is done, there are a lot of other factors to consider too. What life stage are you at? Are you in the right fund to meet your goals? Are you saving enough? Can you access your funds to buy a house? The answers to these types of questions will help us work out what’s best for you.

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Healthy Financial Future

Estate planning

Make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure that when properly set up your estate plan guarantees that your assets are distributed as you wish when you pass away or become mentally incapacitated. It also protects your assets through separation or divorce. And if you’re a business owner, it’s crucial that you ensure your financial affairs are in order should you become incapable of working.

We can help you consider the important questions and refer you to an appropriate specialist, so things are set up exactly as you wish.

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NZBritannia were so thorough, professional and honest, it was easy to let them guide me through it.


Product Disclosure Statements for the Britannia Retirement Scheme and the Integral Master Trust are available from the Scheme's issuer, Britannia Financial Services Limited, phone 0800 500 811. Financial Advice Disclosure Statements are available for Britannia Financial Planning Limited here and for Britannia Financial Services Limited and Britannia Nominees Limited here.

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